Sample Menus

Our Menus

A selection of our fully customisable sample menus. Choose a service that suits you best or get in touch to create your own from scratch.


Create your own canapé menu from these dishes.

Cured salmon and lemon on malt bread

Wild mushroom on puff pastry

Beetroot and blue cheese

Venison with kale and lingonberry

Smoked chicken with crispy fennel

Swedish Meatballs with peppercorn sauce

Mini Fish cakes with dill pickled cucumber

Prawn cocktail on rye bread

Cured beef with horseradish

Duck croquette with cranberry

Vegetable rösti

Winter Menu


Borsch / Brosskeitto


Karelian Pie / Karjalan Piirakka

Karelian pie with egg butter, sugar salt cured salmon and dill.


Smoked Duck / Savustettua Ankaa

Smoked duck breast with 3-way butternut squash and cavolo nero.


Wild Mushrooms / Metsäsieniä

Creamy pearl barley risotto with forest mushrooms.


Lamb Shoulder / Lampaan Lapa

Overnight cooked lamb shoulder with sour cream, celeriac and juniper berries.


Plum Brûlée / Luumu Brûlée

Plum crème brûlée with caramelised salted nuts.

Spring Menu


Salmon Soup / Lohikeitto

Creamy salmon broth with rye bread and dill oil.

Wild Garlic Risotto / Villivalkosipulirisotto

Wild garlic risotto with cucumber, burnt butter and crispy parmesan.

Lamb Rump / Lampaan Paahtopaisti

Salt roasted lamb rump with gooseberries and spring onions.

Spring Salad / Kevät Salaatti

Asparagus with cream cheese, caramelised new potatoes, rhubarb and radishes.

Smoked Pike / Savustettua Haukea

Smoked pike on toast.

Rhubarb Sorbet / Raparperi Sorbetti

Plum crème brûlée with caramelised salted nuts.


Summer Menu


Whitefish Tartar / Siikatartar

Salted whitefish with red onions, sour cream, dill pickles and rye crackers.

Beef liver / Naudan Maksaa

With 3-way onions, figs and oregano.

Pork cabbage roll / Kaalikääryle

With pearl barley and pork stuffed cabbage roll.

Smoked Chicken / Savustettua Kanaa

With beans, tarragon and cherries.

Spinach Soup / Pinaattikeitto

With quail egg and crispy spinach.

Strawberries and chocolate / Mansikoita ja suklaata.

Strawberries 3-way and dark chocolate.

Autumn Menu


Chanterelle Soup / Kanttarellikeitto

Creamy chanterelle mushroom soup with crispy onion and sage oil.

Vendace / Muikkuja

Fried fish with remoulade sauce, lemon and dill.

Venison / Peuraa

With lingonberries and potato-onion rösti.

Pumpkin Ravioli / Kurpitsaravioli

3-way pumpkin with burnt butter and mint.

Rabbit Stew / Jänispataa

Creamy rabbit stew with rieska bread.

SBlueberries & Popcorn / Mustikkaa & Popkornia.

Blueberry tart with 3-way popcorn.



Cured Duck / Riimiankanrintaa

Cured duck breast, with toasted bread, yogurt and elderflower.

Mushroom Soup / Sienikeitto

Mushroom Soup / Sienikeitto

Toast Skagen

Prawns on toast, with poached egg, lemon and dill.

Karelian Pie / Karjalanpiirakka

Traditional Finnish Karelian pie with cured salmon and egg butter.

Beef Tartare / Naudanliha Tartare

Marbled beef tartare with capers, onions, toasted bread and quail egg.

Salmon Soup / Lohikeitto

Creamy salmon soup with new potatoes, carrots, lemon and dill




Creamy mushroom gnocchi with wild rocket and cottage cheese.

Lamb Shank / Karitsan potka

Overnight cooked leg of lamb, pearl barley, oregano and cranberry chutney.

Venison / Peuraa

Venison fillet, potato rösti, red wine jus, kale and blueberries.

White Fish / Siikaa

Fried white fish,caramelized potatoes, remoulade sauce and lemon balm.

Beef Rump / Naudan Paahtopaisti

Beef rump with sweet potato wedges, peppercorn sauce and pickled onions.

Smoked Pork / Savustettu Porsaan ulkofilee

Smoked pork loin with fried root vegetable salad, cabbage and mustard crème.



Blueberry Tart / Mustikkapiirakka

Blueberry tart with popcorn ice cream.

Svinhufvud Cake / Svinhufvud Kakku

Almond meringue cake with coffee crème and caramel ice cream.

Forest Berries / Metsämarjaa

Forest berries with 3-way vanilla and shortbread.

Chocolate Coffee Cake / Mokkapala

Chocolate coffee cake with

Wedding Ala Carte




Creamy mushroom soup with herb oil, crispy onion and home made bread rolls

Mozzarella Arancini with pesto mayo and seasonal salad

Over night cooked Beef cheek with green potato pure and 3-way onions

Smoked duck breast with yogurt, pickled fennel and walnuts

Toast skagen

Hamhock croquettes with crispy pancetta avocado and pea mousse

Scallops with dill veloute, samphire, focaccia crumbs and lemon balm




Lamb rump with caramelised onion and potato mash, red wine sauce and smoky beet root

Sea bass with dill cream, lime potatoes and roasted seasonal greens

Hot smoked Salmon with wild rice, remoulade and season salad

Fillet of beef with puff pastry, creamy root vegetables and mushrooms

Pork tender loin with mustard creme, fried potato salad, braised cabbage and crackling 

Confit duck leg with soy quinoa, cucmber slaw and carrot pure

Smoked baby aubergine with marinated polenta and confit pearl onion

Veggie Wellington with potato pure and porchini jus




3-way chocolate with coffee caramel

Lemon and meringue

Prosecco and raspberry choux pastries

Creme brûlée with berry compote



Wedding Buffet

Build your own buffet:


Cold table:


Selection of breads and whipped butter

Green salad with house dressing

Roasted spicy bean salad

Potato salad

Mushroom salad

Beetroot slaw

Marinated olives

Mozzarella and tomato




 Dijon salmon

Marinaded prawns

Pesto roasted cod

Cured salmon with dill oil



Choice of meats


Smoky pork belly

Lemon and herb chicken

Beef sirloin with creamy peppercorn sauce Slow cooked beef brisket in port wine

Neck of lamb with red wine sauce

Smoked chicken chimichurri

Roasted pork tenderloin with mustard creme

Slow roasted beef rump with gravy


Choice of sides


Roasted seasonal vegetables

Dauphinoise potatoes

Mac & cheese with caramelised onions

Cheesy cauliflower

Herby roasted mini potatoes Lime potatoes

Potato spinach mash

Beetroot goat cheese gratin

Saffron rice




Home made chocolate truffels

Home made marshmallows (you choose the flavour!)

Classic tiramisu

Mocha cake with salted nuts

Raspberry and white chocolate

Meringue and summer berries

Blueberry tart and popcorn

Pannacotta and milk chocolate

3-chocolate brownie and strawberries

Roulade of your liking


Also our the following menus are available for weddings: canapé, fine dining, ala carte and buffet



This is a sample menu to give you an idea what we serve.

We can customise one to your liking.



Selection of breads & butter

Summer salad

Beetroot gratin

Seasonal greens

New potatoes in dill butter

Smoked salmon with remoulade sauce

Slow roast beef with red wine jus

Raspberry and white chocolate cake